I am based in the North East of England. 

Inspired by the North East coast, I create both decorative and functional ceramics. Utilising drift wood and seaweed, I create magical and beautiful markings on my hand built or altered pieces. Through constant experimentation, I produce beautiful glazes for my functional hand thrown ware.

Having  built ceramic forms by hand to  echo those found in the sea, I fire them surrounded by combustible beach finds in a re-purposed  dustbin to create a unique and intriguing finish. Through the use of scavenged materials from the shoreline, such as seaweed, driftwood and metal,  I exploit their combustible and chemical makeup to produce a reaction with heat. The alchemy within the bin results in each piece achieving  a unique surface, reflective of the materials it was with.

My functional ware is thrown on the potter’s wheel using white stoneware clay. and stamped with my makers mark. It is then biscuit fired in the kiln to give some rigidity then glazed in one one of my hand mixed glazes. It is then refired to a temperature of around 1270 C.

The resulting pieces are durable heat proof and dishwasher proof.

Events : Previous

Alnmouth Arts Festival.   Alnmouth    June 2018

Alnmouth Arts Festival.   Alnmouth    June 2019

Winter Open bath The Old Bath House – guest artist 2019

Easter Open at the Old Bath House – guest artist 2019

Pop up shop – Cheeseburn. – August 2019

Mushroom works 20.20 Christmas Open

Events : up and coming

Pop up Shop at Buy the Kilo. Tynemouth  7th and 8th December

Saturday Shop . Mushroom Works. 8th December