I am  a fine art ceramicist based in Tynemouth. My handbuilt pieces explore universal narratives and their relationship with the natural world.

I attended art school in London and Glasgow and my experience in 3D design and design for contemporary dance brings dynamism to my visual storytelling.

“Sarah takes a form we can connect to – something ancient – and layers in complexity that creates a connection that is quite human and quite heart wrenchingly profound. There is a sense of imperfection in the textures. They are elemental. They have the appearance of being honed by nature; yes they also have the hand of the human, but there is something else –  that is almost indescribable.” Gillan Lee Smith 

In my new work, each piece captures a moment of calmness and strength; a life is caught in the midst of its journey. The scarred and split surfaces suggest the experiences that have shaped them, while the hollow interior implies both vulnerability and protection. The precarity of placement on wood unsettles, whilst offering potential future paths and possibilities. Using solid spheres of clay, I coax and shape the forms from  inside out. Through imprinting, cutting, stretching, and cracking, the pieces undergo a transformation, symbolising the process of growth and change. Twice fired, they harden into something more permanent.

These pieces contain memories of discarded objects from the seashore and the energy of weather-shaped coastlines. My work speaks of the contrasts in the  human experience. Quiet with chaos. Fragility with resilience.